Solar feedback

Just to give an update from getting the two panels in series on the roof, the panels are workign fine! Unfortuantely i think my battery is quite tanked after being low for so long… and i also still think i need a better regulator..

And why did it take me two years to sort this out?
And why don’t i have more panels or put the panels on the greenhouse?

ANYWAY at least when it is sunny i can sit here and blog… it is unseasonably pleasant right now, i even have the doors open!?


Dust minimalisation report

It’s a nice day! 14c even though when i came home last night the fucking canal was freezing .. no wonder i get sick when the temperatures yoyo like this… anyway at least i can air some blankets and it also seems a good day to implement the brikette dust miniumalisation plan.. putting them in a covered container like M suggested!!

Saluting the hoover

Now i have more sun and more electrocity, it is only right to slaute a hidden hero, naemly the 12volt hoover. since pretty much the beginning it has been keeping the place clean. Somewhat cleaner anyhoo.

Lately the house has seemed dusty so it’s another reason to hoover every day. The thing needs cleaning a lot, the charging is a bit tempramental but hey it works. And that’s the main thing 🙂