Somehow these last days I was really fucking depressed [i am adding this later on]

I’m always a bit up and down, this was a real drop, not sure exactly why but i really lost the point to what i was doing. Now i’m through it, everything seems ok, but it worried me that it got so bad i was actually reaching out to people askign for help, which i never do, and nobody responded. That sucks.


New moon New Energy

This week has started off quite well. I talked to the neighbour for the longest time in two years, some IRL projects have come to fruition finally and I’m quite happy with the winter preparations.

Briefly i have a few projects on the go…

  • Continuing to clear the bamboo away from the plum tree
  • Collecting smaller branches to burn inthe kitchen stove
  • Getting a new stove
  • The generator
  • General cleanign inside and out, like windows, surfaces, work area
  • Bramble eradiction and thoughts of a polytunnel
  • Make cat sane

Sorrow of the barrow

The temperature is going back up again, although it was 5C in the night. I’m already burning the stove for a while!

I need to buy wood, but i’m a bit stuck on it because the wheelbarrow wheel is deflated and i can’t attach a pump to pump it up. I remember i did it with two people and a lot of swearing last time but now it seems impossible. And moving wood without it will be an arse.

Anyway i was in the garden again today, chopping bamboo and clearing stuff up.