The council (the owner) cut the water and electricity supply to the building years ago. That’s OK. Electricity generation is covered here. For water, of course it breaks down into three types:

  1. Drinking water
  2. This we pick up from local sources, a friend, a nearby garage, the library and so on… We have a 14 litre water container and lots of 25 litre containers donated by a local organic shop.

  3. Washing water
  4. A friend with a van helped us bring two IBC containers from a nearby industrial site. We were prepared to pay up to 50euro for a container but they gave it to us for free!!
    Each IBC holds 1000litres, at the moment one is standing on another. You should also check what was in them, these have had foodstuffs, so with a rinse out they should be fine to wash dishes with. Ultimately we might hook a flushing system with a hose. For now one IBC is hooked up to the drainage from the roof, with hose at the top as the emergency overflow, flowing back into the drain.


  5. Water to flush the toilet
  6. Obviously this can be of any quality, so we tend to take water from the pond. Also for watering the garden and indoor plants.



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