Heatwave continues!

Crazy shit, it’s gonna be 36c later today, hazard weather warning for warmth! Apparently lots of elders will croak. What a strange time this is. The pond is dry dude. We have drought still. The leaves are coming down like it’s autumn. The cat is under the table. I’m washing my head in bubbly water!?



The gods have heard our prayers and entreaties!!

We now have rain for the first time in months. It just started as i finished draining the IBC so the timing could not be better.

I’ve actually basically run out of water for washing, there’s only toilet flushing water, so I was at the point of needing to go get drinking water to wash dishes which seems like an arse. The drought is over. Actually it is quite bad, in the back garden there are huge cracks in the ground, the pond is pretty much empty and the neighbour has been caning his sprinkler system for days already.

Let’s see how much rain comes! It’s only scheduled for an hour but it is quite heavy, it does seem to be the storm which was supposed to come tomoro. (Actually that happens quite often that the weather blows in earlier than predicted)

In any case let it rain!!

health / drought

Since yesterday and my water post i have sprung into action. No good crying over spilt milk. I’m not sure if it’s really the water at fault but at least it doesn’t harm to clean everything out once in a while.

Seeing as stomach/intestine is historically my problem organ I’m quite resigned to my fate – it’s not like a doctor will help. But it does suck feeling like i’m going to chunder the whole time.

Anyhoo i bleached the water tanks, the 20litre drinking ones and the big rain tank. The IBC actually did have bloodworms in it, which is disgusting but not a health risk. Anyway, now they are all dead.

This does however pose a further problem, since we are now in a drought situation and of the two IBCs, one is broken and drained, the other is now full of maybe 100l of bleached water, so that is only good to use for flushing the toilet.

What will i do for washing dishes and washing clothes?? For clothes i guess i’ll have to start usinng the laundrette again. For dishes, hmmm i guess i’ll have to start using the bleached and cleaned water tanks, cycling to fill them up not for drinkign but for cleaning. Pfff seems like a faff.

For drinking well i’m going to switch to buying water or filling up new bottles. I’ve chucked all the old bottles out. That’s not too bad, i was already doing this anyway. I only switched back to the water tanks in summer…. probably shouldve cleaned them out then!!

What a great tree

I really like this tree which stands next to the fireplace, where i sit and work.

It’s a plane tree and becuase it is so hot lately it is shedding its bark.

If i wasn’t so lazy i would make a treehouse in it, although i also like to just leave it to it.

A sad thought is that if/when i leave, these trees will probably all get chopped down.