Finally time to plant

Well it’s been a while, last post here (right now) is from a cold January, although I’ll probably fill in a bit in between. Last few months have been brutal, both in terms of events and temperature.
So it goes.
Now we are finally up at 20 degrees, no more frost, time to start planting out!

Today i put seeds in the greenhouse and the two raised beds in the front garden. Peas mainly in the raised bed you can see in the featured image!

Still cold

Today there’s ice on the inside of all the windows.

Internet says Minus6 outside
Window thermometer says minus6
Carbon mononxide monitor over by window says 1
Thermometer in iddle of house says 2
Kitchen thermometer says 10 after burning the stove for an hour.

Aieeeee. I prefer this to wetcold, I really do but it’s also tough. The water tanks have been frozen for a week now, I’ve been using the big blue container for rainwater, when that runs out i’ll have to smash a hole in the sloot I guess. Then that water is only good for flushing the toilet, not for washing dishes.

Wood stocks are getting low, I need to calculate how much more I need but I’ll def. need to buy in some extra.

Motivation is hard, but there’s still wood to harvest from the work.

The weather looks like it will stay subzero for another week!