This year I decided to try another type of brikette, namely the pinikay.

Today they arrived!!

And then i moved them into the house

With a busted wheelbarrow, sigh


Fallen tree, heatwave over, full moon


So I’m back in town and haven’t posted anything since July, wow how times fly. (Although i do have some stuff to fill in also). Sadly now the heatwave is over, we just had two days of solid rain and feels like it’s the time to start thinking about winter. This caught me on the hop somewhat since i thought the forecast was for a warmer than normal october. Normally i start to use the stove in november, but i already used it at the weekend when it was wet and damp. [Reminder to self – get the carbon monoxide monitor hooked up again]

Greenhouse before

Today i was in the garden, continuing the plan to clear some branches to get more light into the house for winter. Actually a small tree had fallen over next to -but not onto- the greenhouse, so that was lucky although i kinds hate that greenhouse now. Anyway i prepared it for winter, tidied the rucola and put the panes back on again, we’ll see if they blow off again. I should have put a big polytunnel there. Maybe that’s a plan for next summer… or maybe not, I quite enjoyed travelling this summer.

Fallen tree after

Plum before

The poor plum tree is now totally dwarfed by the bamboo so i was hacking away at that for a while.

Plum after.. hmm if anything it looks darker

I also took some branches off the evergreen nearest to the kitchen stove pipe to avoid unwanted forest fires once i start using the stove again. I would love to chop down these evergreens down the side of the house, they are totally hanging over the canal. It would be such a major job but there would be so much more light for the house and also as the trees grow more, the shade increases and it gets so damp! It’s interesting how my views on this have evolved since at first i didn’t want to cut anything in the garden and let the chaos unfold, but now i see land stewardship does mean making choices.


Looking around today i can see that if the apple and plum trees are going to survive they will need help. They were dying when we got here because of the brambles, now they are threatened by all the trees around them being 2-3metres taller.

Big ash

For example this ash which i trimmed back a few years back now has 4 metres higher with new growth! And also next to it you can see how dense the bamboo is becoming.. the bamboo is now something like 6 metres tall now, it’s crazy.