We heat with two stoves currently, a Jotul and a home-made contraption. The Jotul we use at night as a space heater but also to cook food and water for washing/cleaning. I’m really happy with it, always wanted one. I went for the 118 since it’s a pretty large room AND it’s our only way of heating, for a normal sized place, the other classic, the smaller 402 would be fine.

The latter heats the kitchen in the morning, it’s a terrace heater commandeered to burn wood and actually it’s worked out very well. The top is exactly 140mm – well not exactly but it’s sealed with soot now.


I’m interested how this will work out as it gets warmer, I’m thinking to get one or two of those shower bags. They are a black bag which you simply fill with water and leave in the sun to heat up, then stand under. Very efficient.

What do we burn? Well we smash a lot of pallettes which come from a nearby industrial estate. The small wood goes to the kitchen stove, the bigger pieces to the Jotul. We also bought a kubus twice of chopped logs from a wood dealer. Both times the wood only just fit in my car!!


We also burn wood from the garden and there is quite a lot of wood lying ready to be chopped with a chainsaw (it’s a painfully slow process otherwise) – willow and pine. Need to get around to that!

May update – yeah it’s now too warm to burn the stoves.


What do you think?

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