Finally time to plant

Well it’s been a while, last post here (right now) is from a cold January, although I’ll probably fill in a bit in between. Last few months have been brutal, both in terms of events and temperature.
So it goes.
Now we are finally up at 20 degrees, no more frost, time to start planting out!

Today i put seeds in the greenhouse and the two raised beds in the front garden. Peas mainly in the raised bed you can see in the featured image!

The garden today

Lovely day today, which we spent pottering.


Did some weeding, chopped away at the bamboo and an evergreen tree to give some more space for the plum tree, harvested salad from the greenhouse, carried on building the cold frame and took lots of photos (it’s been a while).


The elders are flowering!


Happy mint


Cabbages covered to protect them from birds.


The tomatoes are still wilted, not sure if it’s disease or simple lack of water.


In better news, the cherries are coming!