Revenge of the slugge

So i went away for a month, leaving all the little frogs jumping around in the garden and two basil plants, peas, beans, squash, courgette planted out.

And when i came back it was all gone. Nice.

The rucola is the only thing that survives. I guess coz the slugs don’t like it.


Lasagne gardening

A friend mentioned in passing the lasagne technique where you put down card or paper and then the compost soil on top, meaning that the good soil doesnt leach downwards but instead is there to be growing stuff in. Nice idea altho my execution was shit and anyway it’s been so warm here probably it’ll dry out fast. I’ll try anything once though.

Got some luvverly compost

Look at them luvverly little growing beds

The mighty cloche is activated again

Clochecore – peas and beans

Yummy soils

“I thought you could eat lasagne”