Sick again

It’s a shitty rainy day here, the temperature went down again about a week ago and like every time there is a 10 degree rise or fall, i got sick. I am so fucking bored of this cycle now.
Last few days there are loads of insects in the garden, as if the blossoms come first and then all the things to eat them. Not much else to report really, people are asking what i will be growing in the garden this year and the answer is not much, i plan to be moving around and even possibly perhaps finding a new place to live, i have no real desire to go through another damp cold winter. It’s not worth it. I like living here a lot but being sick so much and not have the payoff of a good growing season after winter makes me feel like i am better off finding a new option.

Also it’s day 20 of the military occupation of the ZAD.. this is a very good long read about how it goes there and this is an amazing photocollection of crazy barricades 🙂


More fascist stickers

This morning i saw more extreme right stickers put up, so i took them down. I do hope it’s some sad isolated headcase putting these up and not an organised group (of sad isolated headcases ahha). I’m not going to give the fascists the oxygen of publicity so I’ll describe the sticker instead: it’s apeing the “refugees welcome” sticker design and instead says “refugees go home” with a crusader on a horse prodding a family with a lance. Pff what sorry pricks these people are to blame their problems on people escaping warzones.

The reason that I mention it here is to recommend my takedown method, it works really well. I tried various options and the best by far is to use the alcoholic handgel, that softens up the sticker glue in no time and makes it easy to peel off.