So now the 30 degree temperatures of last weekend are just a fading memory, thoughts are turning to the wood supplies. I have quite some wood chopped from the garden now, maybe one kubus in total. Then there’s some leftover bought wood. I’ve been pondering about getting a vehicle again, which would allow for pallete missions. Of course I won’t be using the stove until the temperatures drop substantially more (they’re around 20 this week) but it’s good to think ahead.


Full moon

Full moon today (and a lunar eclipse). We had a fire in the back garden. Genghis has been here about 6 weeks now and so can be allowed outside finally. Surprisingly, he doesn’t seem that interested!!

What’s also odd is that there haven’t been any mice in the house. At least I haven’t seen any. I have heard owls a few times recently, indeed tonight as i was seeing off a friend at the gate i saw one in the tree which was pretty special! So maybe the owls have eradicated the mice? Also of course there is the young ginger cat who has been busting into the garden, maybe he has done sterlign work, although now i’ve tightened up the security on the gate because i don’t want him fighting with genghis. He’d lose for sure! Actually I don’t want him killing birds as well. I don’t see genghis goign for birds, he’s too chill, although i have no doubts on his mice skills after playing lots of string games with him.

Lightening up

I’ve been a bit depressed lately and one literal way to relieve the darkness has been to chop away a bit at the trees and wisteria in the garden.

So I’ve been taking away some fir tree branches so the morning sun reaches the kitchen again, chopping back the elder so the hops are in the sun and most importantly stripping back the wisteria at the side of the house.

As you can see from the foto above, it’s really made a difference, lots more light now in the house!