We fought the law and we won

Yay good news today — the courtcase rumbling on for over a year and which the neighbour described as complete nonsense has finally been resolved in a complete victory for us. What a fiasco. Why this even came to court i will never know! Thankfully we had a great lawyer, whose bills will now be paid by others. Whoop.


Anevay arrived!

Woohoo, always nice to get a new stove in the mail! First impressions are that it looks good and sets up easy, although the door is surprisingly flimsy and the flue is very small (6cm). But it does come with a handsopme amount of pipe.

I immediately set it up in the kitchen but it didnt burn well at all, the flue conversion and pipe bend is simply too drastic I guess. Not to worry, I set it up outside and it cooked a pot of tea pretty fast.

We also used it up by the vegetabe patch, which was cool. I have my doubts how much I will actually move it around, but it’s nice to have the option. It would easily fit in the back of a car. Bike trailer would also work.