Ugggg cold

But nice


Another garden day

We got quite a lot done today, one way and another.


The new composting arena is about half finished and a second bamboo cloche is also about halfway done.

We would have probably got more done if the inflatable boat hadn’t arrived, but of course we had to take El Shman for a maiden voyage around the pirate polder. It was pretty cool to see the terrain from the water, we found a duck’s nest I hadn’t seen before. What I thought was a pumping station next to the terrain is actually a tunnel which the boat just passes through, so we might actually be able to get into the nearby nature area directly!!

And the boat will actually serve some use as well since now I can continue clearing the waterways of branches.


I also managed to get to the second hand shop and buy a mower, this will either be used to mow or turned into a wheelbarrow or become a mower which also barrows. I like how it is called Alko Perfect.