Saluting the hoover

Now i have more sun and more electrocity, it is only right to slaute a hidden hero, naemly the 12volt hoover. since pretty much the beginning it has been keeping the place clean. Somewhat cleaner anyhoo.

Lately the house has seemed dusty so it’s another reason to hoover every day. The thing needs cleaning a lot, the charging is a bit tempramental but hey it works. And that’s the main thing 🙂



Yes it has come to this. Or I get a windmill. In any case i want more electra in winter.

Since I had such a terrible experience with a Generac 5K generator I bought in my youth, I’ve been a bit wary of gennies, but this new sort of “suitcase” genny (which claims to be silent but isn’t) might work out quite well. Most importantly on a quick initial browse prices aren’t too bad…

The Honda seems to be the top of the range one, i used one at work earlier in the year and it seemed easy to use. I’m a bit dubious of its claim to provide a pure sine wave, but then I’d probably use a surge protector anyway.

The question right now seems to be how cheap to go…

Ongoing research links…