Temp switch

So today the temperature leapt ten degrees from 0 to 10 … this ten degree switch is quite irregular and has happened at least three times already these last few months. I tend to get sick since my body cannot cope with such a violent change – although going up is better than going down.

So the ice on the canals is melting again and hopefully tomoro the tanks will be running again and i will be able to flush the toilet. LUXURY! If the cold had carried on i would have had to get more creative and to start melting snow or something. I always feel quite mediaeval when i am smashing the ice on a bucket to be able to flush the loo.

The lifting of the ice will also mean hopefully the end of the intruder cats, who are a bit annoying.

I wonder if we will stil get sunshine, since i was getting some decent electricity for the first time in ages from the panel when it was cold crisp and sunny.

Next project: hook up the second solar panel….


Time to move on?

Cold today – minus5.

It has been good living here for over three years, for free, doing what we wanna do when we want.

But also the lack of electricity in winter is limiting, and as i age the damp cold is getting to me more.

The lack of a squat scene around me is annoying, less solidarity and stuff happening.

Also the last two years of growing have been crap on this shit polder mud.

So maybe it is time to move on, perhaps to handover the terrain to some people with some fresh energy and new ideas.

Answers on a postcard please!