Minigolf is back

It is with no small pleasure that I can announce the minigolf course is back up and running… well 2/3 at least.

Pictures to come!


Temp switch

So today the temperature leapt ten degrees from 0 to 10 … this ten degree switch is quite irregular and has happened at least three times already these last few months. I tend to get sick since my body cannot cope with such a violent change – although going up is better than going down.

So the ice on the canals is melting again and hopefully tomoro the tanks will be running again and i will be able to flush the toilet. LUXURY! If the cold had carried on i would have had to get more creative and to start melting snow or something. I always feel quite mediaeval when i am smashing the ice on a bucket to be able to flush the loo.

The lifting of the ice will also mean hopefully the end of the intruder cats, who are a bit annoying.

I wonder if we will stil get sunshine, since i was getting some decent electricity for the first time in ages from the panel when it was cold crisp and sunny.

Next project: hook up the second solar panel….