Garden Update

Well things have been shit this year.. nettles and brambles grow, not much else. I’ve had less time and energy to put in than in previous years but i also see the ground here is bad and would need substantial and longterm work to get it good. The neighbour grows stuff ok so it is possible, but we have been living under threat of eviction for too long to imagine spending money on soil. Bah!

What’s been good? The rucola has been great, the beans and peas have grown alright. Tomatoes meh

The cabbages didn’t fare so well.

Oh well at least we have lots of compost…



Just like last July, which was really shit weather, there is loads of rain this July. I remember long summer holidays full of sunny days when i was a kid (although to be fair i also remember going to cornwall and it raining the whole week).

Today is 17C and on/off showers which are pretty heavy. The water tanks are totally full. The weeds in the garden are blooming, the veggies not so much. I imagine that like last years there will be problems for the local farmers.

Finally time to plant

Well it’s been a while, last post here (right now) is from a cold January, although I’ll probably fill in a bit in between. Last few months have been brutal, both in terms of events and temperature.
So it goes.
Now we are finally up at 20 degrees, no more frost, time to start planting out!

Today i put seeds in the greenhouse and the two raised beds in the front garden. Peas mainly in the raised bed you can see in the featured image!