Solar feedback

Just to give an update from getting the two panels in series on the roof, the panels are workign fine! Unfortuantely i think my battery is quite tanked after being low for so long… and i also still think i need a better regulator..

And why did it take me two years to sort this out?
And why don’t i have more panels or put the panels on the greenhouse?

ANYWAY at least when it is sunny i can sit here and blog… it is unseasonably pleasant right now, i even have the doors open!?


Dust minimalisation report

It’s a nice day! 14c even though when i came home last night the fucking canal was freezing .. no wonder i get sick when the temperatures yoyo like this… anyway at least i can air some blankets and it also seems a good day to implement the brikette dust miniumalisation plan.. putting them in a covered container like M suggested!!

Parallel lives

I bought a second panel a long time ago, back in 2017. And I’ve just now realised after chatting to M on the fone that i had a plan to increase my solar input in winter which i never really acted on, instead for a while considering the generator option before in time discarding that..

Funny how this could happen, how things just get stalled. It seems that i hit some sort of mental or technical block which i couldn’t get past. Without someone to talk it through with, the plan simply froze and didn’t progress. In order to get back to the plan and to put the two panels on one battery i will have to rewire the system, hooking the panels up in parallel (as well as putting both panel next to each other on the roof) and somehow that seems very difficult, well nigh impossible, enough at any rate for me to stop thinking about it for over a year.

Couple that thought freeze with the very very slow progress of getting a MPPT controller, and i have to admit i am really stuck in this.

First step in recovery is to realise i am stuck, i suppose.

Second step would be to get all the stuff together i need to actually do this:
-buy controller
-get connectors for cables
-motivate myself to get up on the roof and do this shit

Third step would be to do it:
-Draw schematic
-Take second panel down and put it on roof.
-Connect the two panels in parallel
-Rewire the system
-Turn it on again.

If i do all this i should have more electricity again 🙂