Now i am back

It’s really nice sitting in the garden working 🙂

Whilst doing the washing

Cat is also happy


Gravity light

It’s quite interesting technology. A box with a plastic strip passing through it… on one end of the box a bag with 1 kilo of stones in, on the other a bag with 10 kilo stones. The bigger bag pulls through the strip, which powers a LED light!

This was sitting in the shed for 6 months or more, we couldn’t decide where to put it and then i just decided to try a hook in the kitchen and now there’s a weak light to brush teeth by. Better than the strong LED light that is hooked up, that seems to be too bright last thing.

Doom + Gloom

So winter begins..
Autumn was shit, after a shit summer 🙂

We seem to be in a period where everything is breaking and the electricity setup is not working so good. So today whilst in the library charging up everything, I am researching:

  1. Another solar panel
  2. Windmills
  3. Hand-cranked USB charger
  4. Bicycled powered USB charger

Without new forms of electricity generation we will be unable to watch as much TV as we want. This is of course a dire problem of the highest order.. We had to watch most of Stranger Things II on a fone!!

12.0 – on electricity and lack thereof

Well as i mentioned here i tend to update in bursts, dependent on many factors, the main one being amount of electricity. Recently, it has been colder and less sunny than usual for april (still burning my stove into may!) so i have not had much electricity at all.
I think also my battery is a bit shredded now as it moves into its third year. Plus i never replaced the cheap chinese regulator, which claims to do PWM but probably doesn’t.
So now i am in a situation where when the sun is shining, i can charge, but the battery never really fills up. So then i end up charging the laptop batteries in the afternoon and caning them at night. Works ok.
There’s pretty much always enough juice to charge the phone and what more could a girl want than that? [although having said that i am sitting here typing in candelight since with the light on we went down to the dreaded 11.7 earlier].

Right now? 12.0