Finally a new regulator!

Over a year too late, but here is a new regulator. I also got another solar panel. Not that will necessarily help when 0 times 0 sun = 0 power but hey.


12.0 – on electricity and lack thereof

Well as i mentioned here i tend to update in bursts, dependent on many factors, the main one being amount of electricity. Recently, it has been colder and less sunny than usual for april (still burning my stove into may!) so i have not had much electricity at all.
I think also my battery is a bit shredded now as it moves into its third year. Plus i never replaced the cheap chinese regulator, which claims to do PWM but probably doesn’t.
So now i am in a situation where when the sun is shining, i can charge, but the battery never really fills up. So then i end up charging the laptop batteries in the afternoon and caning them at night. Works ok.
There’s pretty much always enough juice to charge the phone and what more could a girl want than that? [although having said that i am sitting here typing in candelight since with the light on we went down to the dreaded 11.7 earlier].

Right now? 12.0

End of agriculture for the year


So not much has been happening garden-wise, I still need to harvest the last potatoes and beans. We do have boerkool sitting there for winter and some small cabbages. The courgettes are finally dying off, bless them.

Things now revolve more around chopping wood and sweeping up leaves.

The battery has been hovering around 12.2v for a while, there hasn’t been much sun it’s true but also the sun is low in the sky and the trees still have leaves, so it’s slim pickings currently. I did chop the top off a fir and that made a bit of a sun corridor. I think i might need to take the battery to a house to load it up good and proper, I’d be happier if it’s hanging around 13v… Or we could have a few days of proper sun, but that seems unlikely!!

12volt bollix

I managed to give myself an electric shock the other day – it’s a good reminder to be careful with things electric. I think it happened because the replacement inverter i got isn’t earthed, so i’ll need to be careful with that in future. And hopefully the inverter which got frazzled and sent back to the manufacturer will get repaired quickly.

I’ve been working on the lighting a bit recently, there are now seven lights hooked up and it feels quite cosy.

In terms of energy, I have way more than I need at the moment, but of course it’s summer and sunlight is plentiful. I’m interested to see how it goes in the darker months. But for now it goes very good.


Since I set up this website partly to try to help people get over the knowledge gap and conquer their fears to go 12 volt, I’m really happy to share websites which have helped me. This one is a great read.

These posts are superuseful, well explained and with fotos, a real inspiration:

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