A bird in the house again

Today a coal tit flew in when i was sitting working on the computer.

It made some noise then hid under the bed.

Luckily it flew away after 30 mins, last time the illegal squatter was here for 12 hours and i was worried the cat would get it.

Maybe i should start feeding the birds again? There is already a partridge loitering.


Lightening up

I’ve been a bit depressed lately and one literal way to relieve the darkness has been to chop away a bit at the trees and wisteria in the garden.

So I’ve been taking away some fir tree branches so the morning sun reaches the kitchen again, chopping back the elder so the hops are in the sun and most importantly stripping back the wisteria at the side of the house.

As you can see from the foto above, it’s really made a difference, lots more light now in the house!

Got gas

Well it only took almost a year but we finally transferred from camping gaz to a big fooking tank…

The guy in the shop said it was BELACHELIJK we were on camping gaz for so long. And it is.

This new BP tank is way lighter than the metal ones (although still 15kilo full!) and has a deposit, which is cool.

Should work out a lot cheaper….

The process isn’t fully over yet though since the stove in the foto is borrowed, i picked up an oven recently, but then i need to work out how to connect the canister to the stove, it’s possible but i didn’t quite work it out yet.

The internet wasn’t really helping for once until i found some youtube videos, which are on topic, but not really useful… but at least it helped me find the right phrase for what i wanted to be searching for … need to find a day to take the stove apart and have a good look….