Minigolf rules v1

1. Don’t play the ball at cat, walk towards him and he will move.
2. Respect the nature!
3. You play at own risk, watch out for branches, safety glasses available.
4. Play ball from marked startpoint.
5. Every stroke is 1, maximum 8 shots.
6. Ball leaves course, 1 shot penalty, replace ball at previous shot position.
7. If ball cannot be hit cleanly, move 10cm sideways.
8. Ball in water is 2 shot penalty, play shot again from previous short position.
9. Lost ball = 1 euro (balls don’t grow on trees)
10. Report all probs to Genghis



Just like last July, which was really shit weather, there is loads of rain this July. I remember long summer holidays full of sunny days when i was a kid (although to be fair i also remember going to cornwall and it raining the whole week).

Today is 17C and on/off showers which are pretty heavy. The water tanks are totally full. The weeds in the garden are blooming, the veggies not so much. I imagine that like last years there will be problems for the local farmers.