My samsung fone has finally ground to a halt. Annoyingly at first i thought it was just the battery that was bust but actually the fone itself was unable to draw 5volts.. in the end it was losing battery percentage whilst on mains charge!! So that saga lasted a few frustrating weeks.

It took me a while to work this out, but then i decided to get a fairphone.

The fairphone is a modular fone, meaning that all the bits can (in theory) be easily disassembled and replaced. Also the “fair” idea includes trying to ethically source things like the gold in the fones. I had seen the fairphone before but balked at the 500 euro price. But this time around i felt bad for buying a new fone (and a bit worried to buy a second hand one since i use my fone quite hard) and i was able to buy a fairphone for 350 euro. The price has dropped as part of a promotion AND you can easily sort out a 40 euro discount. This price i was prepared to pay.

I’ll put some thoughts down below as a review.
Right now, DAY2, am i happy with the fone? more or less YES

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More on brikettes

Yeah these pinikays are pretty good actually. They burn for ages and do kick out a lot of heat.

Even if i actually do miss chopping wood, it’s great to have a constant heat source, so that the house is always cosy.

Cleaning the ash without making a big mess is hard from the the Jotul. The kitchen stove has a grate of course.

The two stove system is also going pretty well. I could definitely sauna the kitchen if i had the mind to.


I’ve been burning the pinikay brikettes on/off for a couple of weeks now since they arrived.

Time for some evaluation…

Well, they burn very slow, which is good and do kick out the heat. Thye are easy to split in half, i thought i would have to saw them but they just break. They look pretty in the stove, i should get a picture, since they burn without crumbling so they look like redhot iron bars. When there is enough ash, the brikette gets buried and is still burning hot inthe morning, that’s niiiice.
That’s the positives.

Negatives? Well they can be hard to get going and they are quite small. Thye produce a lot of fine ash. I’ve got 96 packs, and I’m already using a pack a day (epsecially with the kitchen stove in action now as well), so that means they will last maximum 3 months… i bought a ton for 300 potatoes, so i will need to do a second round no doubt..

Living 12volt – an evaluation at 4 years

So mid-October marks four years of this project. And thus also provides an opportunity for evaluation.

I have very much enjoyed my time here, it’s been great. However, I feel a bit done now and this summer I must admit I was looking around for something new. Still, doing that ulimately helped me to appreciate what I have here.

I have peace and quiet, I have space, I have trees, I have lots of green, I have a cat who can explore the garden.

All these things are very dear to me. And then on top of that, there’s the bleedin minigolf course.

However, things change and priorities alter over time. I no longer want to live in this country, to be honest. The political climate is disgusting, everything veers to the right and the squatters movement is dying. That’s the macrocosm. The microcosm is that i am getting older and winters here are tough. If i owned the place i would do some works to improve the situation, but i don’t. The plan to grow vegetables will only be successful with major renovations, which I don’t feel like doing. and I probably could buy the place, but I’m sure to get hit with loads of problems if i do that since the local council are knobs.

As the trees grow, the house becomes shadier and damper, that’s becoming a big problem. And my writing projects are still ongoing, but the end is now in sight..

Lasagne gardening

A friend mentioned in passing the lasagne technique where you put down card or paper and then the compost soil on top, meaning that the good soil doesnt leach downwards but instead is there to be growing stuff in. Nice idea altho my execution was shit and anyway it’s been so warm here probably it’ll dry out fast. I’ll try anything once though.

Got some luvverly compost

Look at them luvverly little growing beds

The mighty cloche is activated again

Clochecore – peas and beans

Yummy soils

“I thought you could eat lasagne”