Bird brains

Yesterday we watched bird brain of britain 1985, which I think I probably saw on TV back when I was a kid. It’s got birds solving these crazy selfbuilt puzzles, so of course we were inspired to set up our own test device, which so far has not been used.
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More birds

I expanded the bird feeding zones to 5 areas the other day, all visible from different places in the house. Again, it’s really paid off!


There’s now two great spotted woodpeckers coming regularly, they’re really beautiful birds, with red tummies and flashing wings. I’ve also seen a wren which is maybe nesting on the house, also long tailed tits and a green finch. Plus we saw an owl!

This guide is still super helpful.

New gas

Got a new gas bottle today. It cost 38euros, I queired it since it was more than last time and the guy said the price was the same, guaranteed. I check the bill and I realised previously I got charged for 5litres of gas not 10. So September til now was 20 euros, not a bad gas bill. I let my query slide. We’ll see how long this one lasts!

The solitary bee

90% of Britain’s bees are Solitary Bees. They are crucial pollinators yet are little known or conserved.

This docu got us thinking about making a bee hotel. Should be quite easy, we’ve got loads of bamboo stocks. In fact i hope i didnt screw up any bee houses when i was taking from the storage and laying out the vegetable patch with bamboo the other day!


I’ve been feeling this a bit lately, I am the provider and the destroyer here, like when i feed the birds but also plan to chop down trees to give the vegetable garden more light. And in a way just by being here i get in the way of the natural process in a lot of ways, making noise and scaring off animals. But on the other hand, if we get evicted, then tghe whole site will be demolished and all these trees will make way for more bloody houses.