offgrid xmas

It’s continuing to be very mild weather, we sat outside drinking coffee yesterday. Right now at midday it’s 14 degrees.

So quite often the house feels colder than outside. We still need to heat in the evening and mornings are still hard to get out of bed, but it is unseasonably warm.

Unfortunately warmth does not equal sun. There hasn’t been much sun at all lately, so the solar stocks are running low.

Talking to my neighbour, he said his attempts to get permission for a windmill got nowhere, which seems retarded of the council (no change there). Whilst coming from different philosophical directions, it’s good we can agree on the importance of sustainability.

Lack of sun means less computer use, which is a bit annoying, since the urge to write comes and goes and i can’t always simply flick a switch and set stuff down on paper. However, this also means i read more books.



i seem to have ceded the back garden to a group of pheasants, male and female. they’re welcome to hang out there, it’s one place where they won’t get shot.

it made me wonder where they come from, since there arent any big estates round here that i know of. my friend told me they are simply wild, living in the weilanden, but surely they’d get shot into extinction in that case?

sloe gin!!

when Z was here we went for a walk on the island and i showed her this bush which i thought might be juniper. turns out it’s sloe berries!! so we collected them and a few days later i bunged them into some gin …

i followed a super simple recipe…

  • pick berries
  • buy gin
  • pour out some gin, cut berries with scissors, insert into bottle
  • end up with bottles 1/3 full of berries, 2/3 gin
  • add spoonful sugar
  • shake
  • leave
  • shake every so often
  • drink at xmas!!