Lots of birds in the garden lately!

Alongside the regulars (robin, heron, swan, moorhen, coot, great crested glebe, mallard, pheasant) we’ve seen blue tits, great tits, jay and some great little birds, like sparrows but with white flashes.



Global bird day – may14!



More wood

I ordered another 2 kubus of oak wood today… its tempting to see if we could get through without needing more but the temperature is going up and down so much i reckon it’s better to get in the stocks. Especially to get through the rainy days.

I’m going through old fotos, mainly to find footage of H practising her football skills but its also nice to see the pix of the terrain.. hopefully soon it will be warmer, and the wood will see us through.

Right now it’s 0 degrees AND the cherry blossom is out. Very weird. The daffodills across the way came up weeks ago already.

Remembering H

H adopted me in the Czech Republic in 2001, when i moved into her place. I remember the first time i saw her she was sitting in a glass cabinet looking pissed off, a ball of hair, watching people watch television. I didn’t really have much with cats then but she seemed cool.

At first she ignored me, she was spending most of the time hiding out in the roof. But then TC went nuts and was carted off to the asylum, and her dickhead boyfriend RC was mistreating her and she came to me and asked for food. So i fed her. Then we were friends.
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