An unlikely but not entirely unforseeable future for this terrain could be as a minigolf course…

On that note, we played a really great course today.

Also we stumbled across our old friend a metasequoia tree!

Looking awesome as ever:





Living with restricted electricity and water makes you appreciate these things more. I was pondering this as i washed my hands somewhere in town the other day, just watching the water run through my fingers, wastefully.

But as Buckminster Fuller would tell us, we live in abundance. We have infinite sunshine supplies. Add to that the local specificity and we have an abundance of:

  • Pallette wood – we just have to pick it up
  • Cabling – so much now useless hig quality electrical cabling lying around
  • Bamboo – we sure have a lot of that
  • Water – it comes when it rains (or we can find it in the canals or the groundwater)
  • Blackberries – the jam-amking season is begun!

Outdoor cooking

Well I’m a bit ashamed to say it’s taken so long to sort out, the long-delayed plans to build an outdoor kitchen have seen to that i suppose, but we have started cooking outside.

We’re using the bbq and it works really well, the shape must help with the heat. The kettle boils fast. Actually that was another thing, as soon as i found another whistle kettle i started using it, i simply dont want to use my indoor pans outside since cleaning the soot is an arse. But cooking outside is great!!

If W actually moves in, that’s an open question at the moment, then we will have a gas range to replace the camping gas we’ve been using solidly since occupation, but for now cooking on wood outside is the way to go.