Garden update

Things are growing!
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Finally time to plant

Well it’s been a while, last post here (right now) is from a cold January, although I’ll probably fill in a bit in between. Last few months have been brutal, both in terms of events and temperature.
So it goes.
Now we are finally up at 20 degrees, no more frost, time to start planting out!

Today i put seeds in the greenhouse and the two raised beds in the front garden. Peas mainly in the raised bed you can see in the featured image!

Garden paradise update

Today, after a most refreshing weekend cycling and wildcamping, I finally feel like i can deal with things again. It was unexpectedly sunny, so I switched from doing inside admin to chopping down a dead tree at the gate. After maybe 2 months of feeling shit it’s great to be able to make a plan and execute it, when everything is too much it’s hard to get even basic stuff done. So the gardening has kind of stalled whilst I vegetated. But then again the weather has been so shit there hasn’t been much gardening to be done.
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A chat with the neighbour

Another lovely day here!

Early in the morning i bumped into the neighbour and asked him what could be eating my plants. He said he’s had more slugs this year than he can ever remember (he’s been living here over 30 years) – he took me into his garden and showed me all the slug pellets he’s been slinging around and how the little bastards are still eating his stuff. So it seems i identified likeliest culprit for the pea disaster then..

Further, we agreed that the weather has been really odd this year, bouncing up and down by ten degrees. The growing season should be in full swing (it’s june!!) but things are only starting to get going.

He said that his ground is so boggy now that he is forced to build raised beds, he’s doing it on a really largescale (he runs a landscaping business and his garden is impressive), even still i felt vindicated for building my little raised beds.

We then moved on to discussing how climate change has irrevocably screwed things up and how there are too many people on the planet. What a great morning discussion!

In the midst of the doom and gloom I declined to tell him about the japanese knotweed infestation hehe.