plant identified!

this plant is mullein! never heard of it before or seen it … it’s biannual and so will die soon but what a run it had… they are 3metres easily now…


what is this plant?

every day it seems to have grown another ten centimetres, i am so impressed. it’s a weed by the way…

it blocks a bit of sunlight for the greenhouse which is good, so things don’t get cooked

and it’s just amazing how damn tall it is, like 2metres 50 now…

Finally time to plant

Well it’s been a while, last post here (right now) is from a cold January, although I’ll probably fill in a bit in between. Last few months have been brutal, both in terms of events and temperature.
So it goes.
Now we are finally up at 20 degrees, no more frost, time to start planting out!

Today i put seeds in the greenhouse and the two raised beds in the front garden. Peas mainly in the raised bed you can see in the featured image!