pirate golf

[now with fotos]

It is with no small pleasure that i can announce after a long period of dialogue and discussion, we have finally begun construction of a minigolf course on the terrain.


We have already made two holes, one on concrete with lots of animal toys, a second on mud through the trees with a wicked bend. I’m very happy this has got off the ground and we have a few other holes planned, one on wood, one a real adventure course with pipes and lots of trees (i have to hack my way through a small forest to make this one).

Getting going was hard, it was a sort of chicken/egg situation in the sense of not knowing what the first step would be, then it all happened suddenly after a conversation with B and S.

S has some golf clubs and balls tucked away somewhere at his place so he gets honorary membership if he brings them round, and B is full of good ideas.

This is happening!


What do you think?

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