From 30 degrees in September to minus 5 in January

As you might have noticed if you peruse this blog occasionally, I tend to update in dated bursts. This is because electricity and internet are both finite resources at my place. Recently I haven’t been updating at all, because there hasn’t been any sun basically therefore no electricity. Also, I managed to break my main computer by leaning in it (RiP Fergus) plus I had the winter blues. It’s been quite shitty here with low temperatures, various conflicts, a general lack of motivation. So the last update right now was September, when i was talkign about 30 degree temperatures, ha!

This new year i’m trying hard to fight the malaise and so far it’s going a bit better. Crucially I am getting up in the morning again despite the bitter cold and that definitely improves my mood, instead of waking up late, badly rested and feeling like the day is already gone. In a similar pattern to last year I now have more energy for my place again, since I know the courtcase will go until at least july/august. No thanks to the lawyer who is supposed to be on my side, but after two hours of google translating a 20 page legal document I worked that out for myslef.

Getting the sloot work out of the way is good, I was worried about that. It also now gives me something to do in that I ave to process the mess they left behind. And harvest wood for burning!

Lastly, overall I would say I’m enjoying the harsh temperatures. I get to wrap up warm and wear the ski trousers, everything looks beautiful and min5 is better than plus3, it’s fresh cold not dampcold.


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