Garden paradise update

Today, after a most refreshing weekend cycling and wildcamping, I finally feel like i can deal with things again. It was unexpectedly sunny, so I switched from doing inside admin to chopping down a dead tree at the gate. After maybe 2 months of feeling shit it’s great to be able to make a plan and execute it, when everything is too much it’s hard to get even basic stuff done. So the gardening has kind of stalled whilst I vegetated. But then again the weather has been so shit there hasn’t been much gardening to be done.


From the first round of planting in the end not very much grew at all. We got some beans and potatoes and rucola, that’s about it. Still on their way are paprika, cabbage and tomato. From the second round, now we nearly have peas, courgette, sunflowers seeds, marijuana and pumpkin although it will be interesting to see if things come to fruit before the season closes. Normally that would be the beginning of september, ie three weeks’ time, but the weather this year has been sooooo spazzed that it’s anyone’s guess what will happen. June and July were mostly rained out so maybe September and October will be tropically hot. Nothing would surprise me anymore – even the normally reliable weather apps continually get it wrong at the moment, it’s superfrustrating.


But today was great! Shame to cut down a tree of course, but it was time, it already looked a bit dodgy lat year and after checking with my neighbour that there wasn’t any way to save it, I thought i may as well chop it today. It was simply too big for the huge pot it was in.

I had some fun interactions with the general public: some kids told me i was destroying the environment, an old man told me his wife was from australia (?), a grump from the allotments next door said it was good i was chopping the tree since it was dangerous for him when he wanted to park (illegally) next to it and a pair of oldies on supernice battery touring bikes stopped to tell me they knew the previous owner. The latter won a guided tour of the garden and it was funny to hear them tell me i live in a paradise. I know i do and i’m really lucky!!


Apparently the old owner has got alzheimers so he probably won’t be passing by… before this place he lived in a school which he converted into ateliers… he must definitely be an interesting person to have known.


What do you think?

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