The garden today

Lovely day today, which we spent pottering.


Did some weeding, chopped away at the bamboo and an evergreen tree to give some more space for the plum tree, harvested salad from the greenhouse, carried on building the cold frame and took lots of photos (it’s been a while).


The elders are flowering!


Happy mint


Cabbages covered to protect them from birds.


The tomatoes are still wilted, not sure if it’s disease or simple lack of water.


In better news, the cherries are coming!



    1. Yes i wouldn’t recommend taking one with plastic windows – it heats up too fast. For me it was a compromise on size versus price, i actually had planned to get a polytunnel which may have suited my needs better but they are also horribly expensive. Definitely get one though it’s a lot of fun!

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      1. I plan on it, but have to save my money I wanted to build a glass one that connects to our house through a door. I have a lot of orchids and cacti that are taking over my house, so I think it would be a great useful addition! Haha


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