I’ve had a friend staying who has really definite views on compost – this has unfortunately led to some conflict situations, since firstly i’m not that keen on people breezing in and telling me how i should run my garden and secondly compost isn’t worth talking about for hours!!

I actually left one communal allotment a few years back because a new person got involved who continually held forth on their way to compost. After i left he skinned a rabbit on his ridiculous home-crafted wooden slaughter machine and there was bits of fluffy hair drifting everywhere. Pff!

For me it’s quite simple, you throw in a good mix of nettles, weeds, old soil, newspaper, kitchen cuttings (vegetable matter, no cooked food!) and you piss on the pile when you remember to do so. Six months or a year later, you go back and retrieve soil. Simples!

Anyhoo, one good thing was that we went to the nearby stables and stocked up on horseshit, which is a great thing to have available to add to compost. I’d been meaning to go last year, it would be great to leave a layer to rot on the beds but i ran out of energy and never did it.


In the picture above, the horse manure is on the left, rotting away. On the right is the recent compost, left to mature. In the middle is the current pile, being added to as we speak. Out of picture is the huge pile of hard to break down stuff, ie bamboo, bramble and branches.

The soil from last year’s compost has already gone out into several raised beds and the greenhouse.


What do you think?

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