Anevay Frontier Stove Review

Hmm well I have had the stove a few months now and have been using it periodically. It takes a while to get up to cooking heat, but that’s ok. It’s great cooking outside on dry wood from the garden.



As I noted before, im not that impressed with the door, it could def. be stronger, even if it works fine. For cooking, it’s possible to get three pans on so that’s a doddle.


Unfortunately, it’s already corroding. That’s kind of shitty for a new stove. As you can see from the pictures, even though i’ve been wiping it down with an oily rag as the (curt) instructions say, rust has appeeared, both on the cook plate but also on the sides and the name plaque.


What’s bothering me a bit is it looks like the paint on the stove is bubbling up and coming off. Whilst the stove is burning there’s a metallic smell (i’ve used it maybe 8 times now, so it sshould be workig fine I would say).

I called up about this and spoke to the helpful customer service, who said straight off it’s a known problem. That worries me a bit, but they advised to wipe it with sunflower oil, so i’ll try that and see if the problem conitnues.

If it does, I’ll not be that happy, you don’t expect corrosion on a new stove.

(Note to self: Clean the Jotul, it needs some love after keeping you warm all winter)


What do you think?

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