End of agriculture for the year


So not much has been happening garden-wise, I still need to harvest the last potatoes and beans. We do have boerkool sitting there for winter and some small cabbages. The courgettes are finally dying off, bless them.

Things now revolve more around chopping wood and sweeping up leaves.

The battery has been hovering around 12.2v for a while, there hasn’t been much sun it’s true but also the sun is low in the sky and the trees still have leaves, so it’s slim pickings currently. I did chop the top off a fir and that made a bit of a sun corridor. I think i might need to take the battery to a house to load it up good and proper, I’d be happier if it’s hanging around 13v… Or we could have a few days of proper sun, but that seems unlikely!!


What do you think?

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