Handy Angry Bob

As I’ve previously mentioned, there’s not much useful 12volt info out there. I was pleased recently to come across Handybob’s blog.

Bob is retired and living offgrid in an RV in the U$A and seems to know quite a lot about electrics. He has self-taught himself how to optimise systems and seems to spend quite a lot of time helping comrades with their systems. Good luck to them! He gets quite angry and ranty and to be honest that’s quite entertaining and i kind of agree with his central point that half the people selling solar systems don’t really know their shit. He has a post called this history or how did i end up so angry?

I agree with the anger, but maybe for slightly different reasons. I would agree if people are being sold faulty or wrong systems, but not just becuase that is bad from an engineering point of view, also because we should all be getting offgrid and the capabilities are there, but people are afraid or lazy or lack knowledge and if we can carry on like this at current levels of consumption the earth is going to be a horrible place to live.

Seems like that would make me a Marxist for Bob. Oh well.

Sorry, I have half of a brain and I am old enough to remember the 60’s, when the doomsday experts were predicting that New York City would be under water by the turn of the century. People still live in Venice, Italy too. It floods annually, as it has for many, many years and while it may be deeper some years, the predictions were wrong. What about that ice breaker struck in Antarctica in the middle of the summer this year? There are some inconvenient truths for you, Mr Gore. Go buy some more carbon credits. Better yet, send the money to me and I’ll put it to real use building something that actually is good for the planet, not what your definition of green is. I know what your mansion looks like and how much energy it uses. Living like that while telling us paupers how we should live is Marxism.

But for the rest, I enjoy reading his blog, there’s lot of useful infos in there, even if most of it isn’t directly relevant to my situation … Plus i also don’t like marxists, but that’s another story for another day…

Yes, I do have an agenda. It is to stop the fleecing of all of you in the RV community by dealers and manufacturers who are out to take your money. This is the plain truth.


What do you think?

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