Battening down the hatches

Even if an occasional daisy flowers, the temperature is dropping and it feels like time to prepare for winter. The rainy days have been interfering with this process somewhat.

Recently I’ve been clearing back the brambles (again) in the front and back gardens, with the aim of making space for a polytunnel in front and another vegetable field in back.

I haven;t been doing many updates, I’m under no illusions that the readership here is small but dedicated, so props to you for sticking with it and when i look back in years to come, after the glorious revolution and yet with the curious survival of the wordpress server farm, this is the time i had the shit with people wanting to live here and spent a lot of time brooding on that instead of fucking gardening. Hopefully that is resolved now.

There’s still a lot of old chopped wood in the back garden which we didn’t use last year, so I’m keen to get that dried out and undercover.

The outside kitchen project has stalled a bit, again blame the weather mainly. However the offer of some free transparent corrugated plastic for roofing has reinvigorated things, since that is exactly what we were looking for!!


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