Water update

Seems appropriate to do an update on the water situation when it is chucking it down outside. It’s the first rain for two weeks, since i worked on the gutter actually and i’ve been waiting for a chance to test the new gutter, which is now feeding into a second IBC.


It seems to be working out … I did bolt the two new gutter parts together, but that will still need to be plugged to stop water coming through, but then three points of leakage (one into the IBC) is better than many drips!


The pond itself is still looking quite sick, going yellow before the rains made it look healthier again. I spoke to the neighbour and he suggested running a hose from the sloot. I’m already running a siphon but it seems to stop working frequently, probably becuase the water is quite silty. I dug down into the bank to have a look and i found some very large holes dug by animals going through the clay layer, so i suppose over time rats and whatnot have pierced the waterproofing of the lake… not sure qhat can be done about that, unless i leave it to groundwater levels which are currently low since it’s been generally so dry (with occasional mad rain).


What do you think?

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