Well after a week of rain i must say i’ve realised that i’m spending too much time moving water around and getting soaked in the process. Whilst it is fun and does make me feel like I’ve showered when i haven’t, it’s not really sustainable or practical…

The gutter on one side of the house has fallen off, so i’ve been collecting water in an assortment of buckets and basins and then pouring it down pipes into the pond to try to keep it from drying up. This has been depressingly ineffective until this week when it has rained a shitload (the IBC went from zero to 1000 litres in two days!!). I’ve also worked out how to siphon water from the sloot and i’ve been emptying the IBC periodically, so now finally the pond is filling up again and the lilies look happier.


Fuck knows why it got so low, i thought it was on ground water but seemingly it’s not. Until this week, july has been very very dry, so maybe it’s just that. But you can see from where i painted the bridge that now the water is 20cm lower than it was three months ago..

Anyhoo, now things are improving, since we skipped some huge bits of metal which have formed an imporvised gutter which makes the roof leak only in three places now. Once i buy some bolts, it should reduce to two places. The plan is to install the second IBC under one of these places. Then we’re in business. And i don’t have to run around getting drenched any more!!



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