What a load of rubbish!!

Previously when I had a car, disposing of rubbish was pretty easy, every so often I’d drive the bags to the bin when I was going out doing something else. It’s not like we produce a huge amount of rubbish here, maybe a bin bag every two weeks, but even this started to stockpile after a few months.

I was a bit slow to realise this and so kept on producing new bin bags, but now i’ve switched to using smaller bags, which I just bin when I go into town in any handy trash container.

The rubbish breakdown is:

Where What
Compost Uncooked food waste, garden waste green
Burn bin Cooked food waste, paper, mouldy stuff
Stoves Paper, card etc
Landfill Last resort waste, plastic packaging, crap
Metal bin Food cans, drink cans, broken tools, metal waste
Glass bin Glass bottles, jars etc

It’s interesting being so strict in breaking up things to see now how much pkastic packaging I use nowadfays. Sadly I almost always use a supermarket and so much stuff is prepackaged. Only taking a close look at how much I’m throwing away made me realsie that.


What do you think?

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