Weather grumbles

The weather has been annoying lately, sunny days turning to rain and vice versa. No mater what weather app I use, it seems impossible to predict when it’s going to be wet. This has been frustrating since the gutter broke just next to the IBC and so water was dripping down next to the IBC but not going into it. Thus I needed a dry day to fix it (and a million years to scratch my head and ponder how to get the gutters to drain better, even though it should be simple). I was finally able to get to that yesterday, I hope the bodge I did involving gaffer tape and superglue (the old favourites) will be enough to make it work.

Lack of rain has also been a problem regarding the pond, which seems to be steadily drying up. I’m not sure the reason for this, I thought it was at ground water level, now im not sure since the sloot seems to be at the same level as before. Maybe the pond does this every year? Nevertheless it is now getting lower and lower, many of the lilies are now in mud not water. I’ve been siphoning water down from the IBC and trying unsuccessfully to get water from the sloot.

To end on a happy note, today I saw the first dragonfly on the terrain!!


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