Elderflower cordial – simple recipe

Happy J18! In remembrance of Waterloo, Orgreave, the Carnival against Capitalism and other struggles here we are, making elderflower cordial in a beautiful rural squat. Things could be worse.

I did quite a lot of hunting for a decent recipe this year and this is my conclusion. No ascorbic acid used, only lemons, so very simple. We’ll see how it all matures, in a no fridge situation.


  • 10 x elderflower heads (large or take two small for each one large)
  • 1000g sugar eg one normal bag
  • 600ml water
  • 1 big lemon or two small – organic, unwaxed, grated and chopped
  1. heat/stir the sugar and water until sugar dissolves and then it boils (i boiled the water first for speed)
  2. grate lemon peel, chop up lemon, throw away ends, put in bowl with elderflower heads
  3. pour on syrup, stir
  4. leave for 24-48 hours
  5. drain out cordial and bottle

What do you think?

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