Had a bit of a gardening afternoon today after I shook off my hangover. The new compost area is pretty much finished, so there’s a a turned over compost sitting there now, with a new one started off next door, then green compost (nettles etc), then a big area for hard to break down stuff like branches too small to burn, bamboo bits, and mainly brambles. It’s great finally having a place to pile up the chopped brambles and the system is kind of complete, since oil drums can be hauled around the on the grass mower.

The mower does work actually, I’ve been using it to clear paths.

In the garden, I was digging out brambles today and tidying up a bit. I planted out a few squash plants, hope they take. The one already in the ground isn’t doing much at all. Same like the rocket, which is growing really slowly. But the radish and potatoes are still growing fast. In the cloche the seedlings are sprouting!

Unfortunately the second cloche which B made with the netting isn’t as stable as the first one so I took it away today when i was weeding and then it fell apart. Oh well.


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