On Thursday evening i was chopping some brambles and i moved towards a bird cherry tree to take out some of the brambles growing into up through it. I walked straight into a branch and it went directly into my right eye.

I immediately dropped the secateurs and for a moment I thought I had really fucked up my eye. Luckily though I could still see and although it was streaming it didn’t hurt so much. I was probably a bit in shock so i carried on doing stuff and then started off an admin session, which quickly got derailed when my eye kept on flaring up.

It got to the point (familiar to me because of my recurrent corneal erosion syndrome) where it was painful to keep my eye open, therefore i shut it and had to shut the other one also, thus making me blind. I had a really painful night, sorry H. Then I was blind pretty much all of Friday, which sucked since I had stuff to do but I was completely incapacitated. It really sucks not being able to see. All I could do was sleep and piss. After a while I managed to find some radio documentaries on my fone.

Luckily after 24 hours i could see again!


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