Garden update

So after a week away at this crucial period of the year, how is the garden shaping up?


Well, the potatoes are doing very well, the rucola needs to get its arse in gear, the cabbages under the cloche have done well, some of the radish have arrived (we ate the first one today actually!) and the beans and peas are a disaster.

In terms of seeding, well not much is growing so i planted a new batch of squash and courgette today.

Also we moved the cloche and put in spinach, peas, boerkole and rucola. Let’s see what grows, if anything!!


Still waiting on the marijuana….

The hops and mint in the front seem to be lapping up the sunshine. In fact, the hops need more bamboo to be trained along, reminds me of the vine in Brighton I had, as long as you provide the sun and the training, those vines just go for it.

Was supposed to rain today but didn’t, did a bit yesterday. In the week we were gone, the IBC filled up about halfway so luckily there was some rain.


I did manage to fall off a ladder today, that was fun!
[I can say that because i walked away unharmed]


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