Visit to a 12 volt catalonian social centre

It was cool to visit a squatted bank today which was offgrid and using a few tricks I have pioneering further north. I was also inspired by some innovations!

Lights were set up with LED strips connected to the preinstalled light switches, with a battery bank in the kitchen which went into the 240volt breaker board (that’s good to see, since i’ve been pondering doing precisely that instead of wasting my time looking online at boat websites and bothering auto shops looking for DC breaker boards). The clothes line clips were a blast from the Teuge past as well. The lights were apparently quite cheap so I need to look into them again, maybe the ones i saw in the shop were more expensive for some reason.

The water was held in white plastic containers for flushing the toilet and big clear plastic containers for drinking, a handy separation (which of course it took me a while to work out). There was also a big 25 litre hard plastic container hooked up with rubber tubing to a tap for handwashing. The tap to turn it on/off was so hidden as to make it almost unusable, I think you would need to be shown how to use it first, and of course it was empty since it’s an arse climbing up to throw in a container or two of water, but it’s still quite an elegant solution for a space which could be used by a lot of people all at once, since I do see my system of having a basin in which I wash my hads over the course of the day is both confusing to others and not particularly hygenic when more people are around.

Collecting the water was a pleasure and a lot more easier than at our place… We took a shopping trolleys full of empty containers and trundled around the corner 200metres to a drinking water tap on the street and filled up there. That was easier than at our place, where a bike ride is involved. I’ll ask about how they heat in winter.


Darn I asked about heating and apparently they don’t need to heat in winter. I guess that’s why loads of english crusties move to spain jejejeje.


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