Visit to Can Mas Deu

It really ticked a box on the longterm todo list to visit Can Mas Deu, I have wanted to see it for ages. It’s an amazing place right out on the edge of the city in the hills, with well developed community gardens and a lovely social centre space. We saw some excellent examples of sustainable living like a 13 year old solar water heater and a self-built cob house which seemed very energy efficient.


They are also (for a long time) on mains power and have two washing machines. The (for me) famous washing machine bike is still there, rusting away. X who was doing the tour said that it was only for journalists. I remember it since when I was in BCN in 2001 for a terrible anti-civilisation gathering Y went on to stay there and was so enthused when he came back to Teuge that he built one himself. Unfortunately the foto I took was rubbish, but of course the internet delivers!


[While seaerching for the foto, I found the washing machine bike described as world famous!]

I was always interested to build a twelve volt bike generator at Teuge but of course I didn’t since it’s easier to think about these things than to actually do it. There is some trick I cant remember to put resistance in the circuit so it isn’t hard to cycle. To be fair when you are living without electricity, then welding isn’t really possible. That also stopped my tallbike ambitions at the time.

Anyway, returning to the subject, they did also have some nifty 12 volt watering stuff going on at Can Mas Deu….



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