The bulbs I bought yesterday were 240v so of course they didn’t work! I realised that today after faffing around checking the cabling. I feel a bit stupid, but no harm done and I should be able to swop them. I guess the fact they were LED made me forget they were not necessarily gonna be 12v.

Today I got up late with a sore jaw, dunno what that is about. Maybe I’m clenching my jaw in my sleep? Had it every day this week.

B and I went for a bike ride, which was great. Sunny weather, went for a nice meal. Also picked up my inverter, in the end I didn’t hook it up since I was too busy playing around with light. We now have light in the main room (with the new lamp!), my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. So that’s progress. Next acquisition is definitely gonna be some sort of board to hook all the cables into hopefully with on/off switches although I guess that could be separate. Then the cable spaghetti will be resolved.


What do you think?

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